Dissertation Proposal: doctoral thesis

The process for the award of a doctoral thesis is complex, especially to protect against external PhD frustrating experiences and a termination of the project. Experience shows that about 80-90% of all external dissertations are cancelled before completion – after substantial investments. This we would like to spare you. If you have an idea for a research topic, please contact Prof.Franke Professor Lettl or in combination.

Please make it clear what the research question, as it stood, should be, to what extent this represents a gap, why it is relevant, and about how they might be answered. In the event that the project is promising, you will be asked to leave a pub enabled state-of-the-art paper on the research question (about 20 pages, so-called “Research Proposal”). You should represent the current international state of research on the subject, demonstrate the need for research in this thesis, and propose a concrete plan for its processing.

Usually, during the process, the original research question are modified several times. Iterations are usually necessary in the research, unfortunately, when you have ambitious goals. If then from the state-of-the-art paper the meaning of the research project is recognizable falling topic under the competence of the carers and that the plan for editing appears promising and feasible, you will be conducted at the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a PhD student. You should of course continue to look for the discussion and improve the result, the research question and the answer, ever.

A critical success factor: Contact Institute

Experience shows that under external doctoral students often have the problem of isolation – you have no contact for its scientific issues and rotates in a circle alone. We therefore advise any external very urgent to take for the duration of the thesis an active role at the Institute, and to spend as much time as possible there.

This provides valuable contacts and working relationships with the staff of the Institute. It is also important that your job will allow time. This is especially true if this is not in a particularly close relationship with your dissertation topic – get more info from a-mentor. Even for exceptionally qualified candidates, the attempt is hardly promising to write a dissertation only in the evening and on weekends.